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Special Springs has long been a trusted designer, manufacturer, and distributor of nitrogen gas springs. Engineered for performance, durability and safety, our nitrogen gas springs all feature overpressure active safety(OPAS). This technology is designed to protect against a number of potential safety risks that impacted gas springs in the past.

A long-time innovator in the market, Special Springs has invested heavily in R&D, implementing our new and improved Lifeplus Concept in nitrogen gas springs, which includes OPAS safety systems. Our continuous research and developments in the industry keep us at the cutting edge of safety controls. Which is all done in full compliance with regulations and a focus on high quality, long term durability and reliability.

Nitrogen gas spring failure can be a life-threatening disaster in your facility. Learn how Special Springs can help you safeguard against failure with our OPAS safety features.

The Benefits of OPAS in Your Nitrogen Gas Springs

OPAS is designed with a combination of an exhaust channel intersecting the rupture plug. The body is made up of an over stroke marker, retaining ring bushing rod and body. Under correct operating conditions, the safety device is not activated. If pressure exceeds the maximum allowed values, the OPAS safety device is activated, releasing the gas pressure in a controlled mode.

This release avoids the rapid ejection of parts, and in turn greatly reduces the risk posed to the users due to pressure accidents.

Choosing the Right Safety Features for Your Nitrogen Gas Springs

OPAS will activate when pressure exceeds the maximum rating for the Special Springs product you are using. Engineered for safety and reliability, Special Springs’ nitrogen gas springs offer the peace of mind and safety features needed for your operations.

To learn more about OPAS safety features, download our complete Safety Brochure or watch our summary video of how the technology works linked above.

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