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Safety technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, allowing Special Springs to invest and ensure integration of advanced features in all our nitrogen gas springs. OSAS (Over Stroke Active Safety) provides enhanced safety in all our nitrogen gas springs and is a vital part of our current range of offerings.

Special Springs is committed to innovation and investment in R&D that helps develop and improve new technologies like our Lifeplus Concept for nitrogen gas springs. Designed to reduce the risk of nitrogen gas spring failure, which can be a life-threatening disaster in a facility, OSAS and other safety features in Special Springs products are among the cutting edge in the industry.

The Benefits of OSAS in Your Nitrogen Gas Springs

OSAS nitrogen gas spring safety integration is a combination of an extended bushing with a unique groove system positioned at the sealing surface of the body bushing seal.

As with all Special Springs safety features, under the correct operating conditions, the OSAS safety device is not activated. However, the maximum allowed stroke is exceeded, the OSAS safety device is activated, releasing the gas pressure in a controlled mode. This avoids rapid ejection of parts and greatly reduces the risks for users in proximity to the gas spring.

Engineered for Safety in Our Gas Springs

When a gas spring over strokes, the risk to users and machinery is high. OSAS safety features ensure reliable activation when this happens, reducing the risk posed by malfunctioning parts. Special Springs is committed to including these systems in all our gas springs and continuing to innovate and develop new technologies that reduce risk and improve performance for our customers.

Learn more about all our nitrogen gas springs safety features by downloading our safety brochure here.


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