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Elevating Precision and Safety: Nitrogen Gas Manifold Systems

Special Springs, LLC designs nitrogen manifold systems for optimal safety, durability, and efficiency. Our advanced production capabilities and tooling allow for precision manufacturing. Our nitrogen systems are designed using standard gas springs and manifold springs, which are attached to steel plates ranging from 3/4 inch to 10 inches in thickness. 

Discovering the Diversity in Nitrogen Gas Manifold Systems

Our manifold systems come in three distinctive types, each tailored to specific needs:


  • Conventional: Ranging from 2 to 10 inches in thickness, our conventional manifold system boasts threaded holes for gas spring attachment. Equipped with pressure gauges, these plates feature strategically positioned volume holes to connect gas springs, reducing pressure rise to a maximum of 20%.


  •  Easy Manifold: The easy manifold plate system utilizes standard gas springs that are mounted to a steel plate. The gas springs have a gas spring port on the bottom center of the spring. The spring is sealed to a gas feed hole which intersects gun-drilled holes running through the length and width of the plate. Plate sizes can be a minimum of ¾ inch and a maximum of 10 ft by 10 ft in length and width. The Easy Manifold system significantly reduces the complexities associated with hosed or linked systems.


  • Linked (hosed): Linked or hosed systems can be mounted on plates or within the die shoe.The linked systems are designed with standard gas spring and high-pressure hoses and fittings. There are numerous mounting options that include top flange mounts, base flange mounts and tapped hole bottom holes. We offer 4 hose types ranging from 5 mm diameter to 13 mm diameter. 


Interchangeability and Warranty Assurance

Special Springs manifold cylinders boast interchangeability, serving as direct replacements for competitor brands. Our commitment to excellence extends to a two-year warranty, surpassing industry standards. Whether as individual components or complete manifold assemblies, our products meet and exceed expectations.

Embracing the Advantages of Nitrogen Gas Manifold Systems

Why choose nitrogen gas manifold systems?

  • A superior alternative to linked nitrogen systems.
  • Maximum control and visibility of pressure/ force within the system. 
  • Accommodates larger concentrated forces.
  • Ensures minimal increases in force or pressure.
  • Facilitates easy installation and maintenance.

Designing the Perfect Nitrogen Gas Manifold

It’s important to consider the application when selecting a manifold to ensure that you match performance requirements with the component’s capabilities. For example, you’ll need to factor in a system’s requirements for:


  • Pressure: It’s important to consider the force or pressure that gas applies within a system. A system’s pressure is a key component to force and heat generated. The pressure is also important to monitor with regards to potential pressure rise and to ensure the maximum charging pressure is not exceeded. 


  • Temperature: You’ll want to make sure that the manifold you select can handle the temperature, as well as temperature fluctuations, of nitrogen moving within your system. Doing so will help safeguard against damage, prolonging the life of your system and promoting safe operations.


Keep in mind that your system’s needs may change over time, along with your material’s pressure, volume, and temperature (PVT) properties. It’s critical to ensure that the manifolds you’re using were constructed to manage such modifications.

Industries Propelled by Nitrogen Gas Manifold Systems

Primarily utilized in the stamping and tool die industries, manifold systems find applications across diverse sectors:

  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • HVAC
  • Medical and pharmaceutical


At Special Springs, we understand the critical role that Nitrogen Gas Manifold Systems play in enhancing performance, reducing pressure rise, and ensuring the utmost safety. Our manifold systems are designed to adapt and excel in various applications, making them a versatile choice for any project. If you want to learn more about Nitrogen Gas Manifold Systems and how they will elevate your operations, contact Special Springs to begin your project today. 

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