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If you are preparing to order replacements gas springs or if you have an emergency and you are unable to get them from your current supplier, you may have questions. How do you ensure you are getting the right gas springs, especially if replacing another brand like Dadco, Kaller, or Hyson? Many MROs and purchasing managers worry about ensuring they have the right parts and are understandably wary at the prospect of changing brands.

We are frequently asked about the part identification system for gas springs and how to convert an existing product to anther brand.


Part Identification for Gas Springs

Gas springs are identified alphanumerically. The letters represent the product series from the manufacturer. The first set of numbers represent the initial contact force in decanewtons (daN), and the second set of numbers represent the useable stroke length.

For example, RV170-025:  The gas springs initial contact force is 170 daN (382 lbs) and useable stroke is 25mm.

Part Identification is Global

Another important factor in replacing gas springs is understanding how the part identification system works. Gas spring part identification is the same for all manufacturers, and adheres to the ISO and VDI standards to establish consistency in the industry. These standards state that springs must be labeled based on their force in decanewtons (daN) and stroke length.

For example, RV170-025 is directly interchangeable with X 170-025, T3-170 x 025, and U.0175.025. These parts are very similarly labeled, as they follow the ISO and VDI gas spring identification standards.

How to Order Replacement Gas Springs

More than 90% of the springs used are standard and interchangeable. To help show the interchangeability, we offer tools to make things easier. Our website offers a conversion guide and a search bar for cross referencing competitor part numbers. Our matching part number, will be displayed in either of these tools for you ease of mind.

These tools will help you to quickly determine which replacement part number is the right fit for your project. If you are in a crunch for time or have many part numbers that need to be converted, you can also submit them to us and we’ll do the conversions for you.

Once you know the part number for your replacement springs, Special Springs NA can get your parts to you quickly. We offer quick delivery time, shipping same day for all in stock orders received before 4pm EDT. We have more than 100,000 die spring and nitrogen gas spring parts in our inventory and work closely with each of our customers to ensure you get the right product as quickly as possible.

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