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Fabtech 2017, North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing event takes place in Chicago’s McCormick Place, November 6-9, bringing together the region and the nation’s top companies to engage with 1,700 exhibitors and 50,000 attendees across more than 750,000 square feet of convention floor space. The event offers a unique opportunity for Special Springs to engage directly with customers, meet new contacts, and discuss the finer points of the industry with thousands of others in the field.

Why Attend Fabtech Expo?

Fabtech 2017 is about more than just the current best practices and products in metal fabrication. It brings together top innovators and thinkers in the industry to discuss new developments, tools and processes for improving productivity, changes that will drive increased profits, and new products and solutions in metal forming, welding, and fabricating. It’s the must-attend event for anyone in the metal fabrication space who works in or does business in North America.

Which is why Special Springs NA will be there at Booth A5463, in the Metalform Hall, showcasing our full line of nitrogen springs and die springs, answering questions from fellow leaders in the industry, and engaging with existing customers.

Join Us at Fabtech

If you will be attending Fabtech, be sure to visit us at our booth. We’ll be showcasing our new 3D safety videos, breaking down step by step how each safety feature works across our complete line of springs. We’ll also be showing samples of our new secondary wiper, a new offering that protects nitrogen gas springs from harmful contaminants like die lubricants or metal shavings in the metal stamping process. In addition to our new offerings, we’ll have a functional nitrogen punching unit at our booth.

It’s free to register before November 3rd, or if you ask Special Springs for a guest registration. Contact us from the link below to request your registration link or to let us know you’ll be there.

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Starting from October 2016, Special Springs has been officially approved by VOLKSWAGEN as supplier of Nitrogen Cylinders and reported in VW norm

Special Springs, LLC designs nitrogen manifold systems for optimal safety, durability, and efficiency. Our advanced production capabilities and tooling allow for precision

Industrial manufacturing has come a long way, and the advancement of technologies has significantly impacted various processes and tools used in this

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