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RV Series

RV - Reduced Height, High Force
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Maximum Force, Minimum Height

RV series springs are the most popular choice for designers providing the most force in the least space. The RV series range from 19mm (3/4”) diameter to 195mm (7.68”), with initial contact forces from 100 lbs. to over 44,000 lbs. The RV model meets ISO and VDI standards.

The RV springs can be linked using our Micro or Minimess hose and standard connections. Linking gas springs provides balanced pressure and a solution to adjust pressure for optimum force control.

RV-ED series can also be used with our Easy Manifold plate system. Easy manifolds are plate systems connecting the springs through a series of drilled holes. This option eliminates hoses and fittings using fewer components for a more robust pressure system.

The RV series include our safety devices, OSAS, USAS, and OPAS, which makes it among the safest gas springs in the world.

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