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Special Springs Spring Safety Features

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Nitrogen Gas Spring Safety Features

For years, Special Springs has been a leader in innovation for safety and durability of its nitrogen gas springs. We strive to be active in the research and development of advanced production methods and tools. By consistently testing and improving our products and company, we ensure high standards of precision, reliability, and safety. Our passion and commitment to set a high standard for performance and durability is what leads companies such as, Whirlpool, GM, LUK, Volvo, Velux, Renault, and many others to put the fate of their products in our hands.


Safety First

It is our mission to not only provide you with the very best in the industry, but to also protect your equipment, employees, and company. Our expert engineers at Special Springs use the most innovative 2D/3D modeling software to develop products with exceptional safety features without increasing the price. Our new and improved Lifeplus Concept includes a series of safety devices that increase and improve the safety and life of gas cylinders: OSAS, USAS, OPAS, and SKUDO.

OSAS (Over Stroke Active Safety)

OSAS is a unique safety device designed to exhaust pressure in a controlled and complete mode when the working stroke exceeds the nominal value.

USAS (Uncontrolled Speed Active Safety)

USAS is a safety device designed to exhaust pressure in a controlled and complete mode, eliminating ejection of parts when the cylinder has been stressed by uncontrolled return of the piston rod. Typically, this is caused by the seizure and jam of the die plates or stamped parts that, when subjected to pressure thrust, are released in an uncontrolled manner.

OPAS (Over Pressure Active Safety)

OPAS is an innovative safety solution positioned on the bottom of the cylinder, which exhaust pressure in a controlled and complete manner when the gas spring exceeds maximum allowed pressure. This is typically caused when stamping contaminants get into the gas cylinder reducing its volume.

SKUDO (Active Protection from Contaminants)

SKUDO is a protective cap securely fixed on the top of the rod which protects the sealing and guiding components of the cylinder from liquid and solid contaminants. This eliminates situations of overpressure, with no alteration or interference to the contact surface of the rod with the plate.

Built to Rely On

The design and manufacturing of Special Springs’ gas cylinders are in full compliance with European, Asian, and US regulations for high pressure vessels, in accordance with directive PED 97/23/EC. All of our products are developed and validated using one of the most advanced FEM (finite element method) and CAE (computer-aided engineering) analysis systems. All structural components of our gas springs are designed and built to withstand a minimum of 2,000,000 complete cycles at maximum pressure, temperature, and for all types of mounts.

Continuing to Grow

For many years, we have been committed to increasing our knowledge of products along with their characteristics to uncover the best utilization techniques. Through theoretical and practical training, we have accomplished our goal of consistently altering and improving our products and company.

Designed for You

Special Springs has always been committed to providing a renowned customer service and technical support experience for our customers. We provide a thorough multilingual instruction sheet with each cylinder or component to increase user confidence, increase safety, reduce tool damages and injuries due to inappropriate usage, and allow cost savings with increased production efficiency. View our PDF’s and catalogs for more information.

Any Questions?

Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable and want to make sure you are satisfied. Contact them today to get started. Call us at 734-892-2324 – Special Springs are Built Better to Last Longer

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