Special Springs NA


Canton, Michigan – Special Springs North America LLC, a subsidiary of Special Springs S.r.l, an Italy-based designer, manufacturer, and distributor of nitrogen gas and die spring products, is proud to announce the launch of its new website on June 2.


The new site includes a range of features that address the needs of Special Springs’ network of clients and distributors. Noteworthy features include:

  • Competitor cross reference search
  • Force calculator for nitrogen gas springs
  • Website chat for customer inquiries
  • News and updates

“We built our new website service with our clients and partners in mind,” says Special Springs NA President, Jim Glynn. “The new website is more user friendly, functional and stylish, and provides our customers and distributors with all the information and functionality we hope they want.”

The Special Springs website redesign is aimed to better service the company’s metal stamping clients and across North America. The site features a cross reference tool to help visitors find replacement nitrogen gas and die springs for competitive products while highlighting their vast inventory available for same-day shipping. In addition, it now provides a force calculator for nitrogen gas springs and chat feature for customer inquiries.

Customers will now be able to experience a more user-friendly navigation of the site and quickly find their desired information. The website includes a mobile-friendly feature with built-in mobile-responsive technology. This new update will provide room for Special Springs to grow and successfully provide their customers with their product needs.

The Special Springs website project began in January and was completed within a six-month timeframe. Biznet Digital, a Southfield, Michigan-based agency, provided strategic guidance and led work efforts to design, implement, and develop content for the WordPress-based platform. Special Springs launched the website with an all-new, customer-centered design.

“We worked closely with Special Springs to understand their audience, their needs, and their marketing goals,” says Biznet President Kevin Krason. “The website is important because it is the cornerstone for a range of digital marketing activities we will be employing on behalf of Special Springs in the coming months, including marketing automation, social media and search marketing.”

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