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Threaded Gas Ejector

Threaded Gas Ejector
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Nitrogen Threaded Gas Ejectors

At Special Springs we engineer two kinds of threaded gas ejector gas springs: the NE series and the NG series.  Each threaded gas ejector fulfills ISO, VDI and CNOMO standards as well as includes USAS devices to guarantee maximum service life, functionality and safety.

Type of Threaded Gas Ejectors

Here at Special Springs, we pride ourselves on customizability for our threaded gas ejectors. The NG series and NE series nitrogen gas springs offer adjustable forces with charging pressures that range from 10 to 150 bar maximum.  Each is equipped with a rounded rod head for better absorption and radial forces. We offer the widest choice of models and strokes that reach up to 300mm. The thread gas ejectors are ideal for stamping function as well as components of machines and mechanical equipment.

We take pride in the products and service we provide to our customers. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will make it our mission to correct it. Contact us today for more information on our threaded gas ejectors.

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Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable and want to make sure you are satisfied. Contact them today to get started. Call us at 734-892-2324 – Special Springs are Built Better to Last Longer

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