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W Series

W - Hyper Strong
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Hyper Strong Load Springs

Standard Hyper Strong Springs

Special Springs Hyper strong die springs are designed and tested to uphold to the most brutal abuse with minimal maintenance, making them ideal for applications involving extremely large loads. These indestructible die springs are used for industrial equipment and machinery including:

  • Heavy duty clamps
  • Core Drills
  • Mining
  • Farming
  • Construction

Hyper Strong Die Spring Features

Our Hyper Strong die springs are perfect in environments of a lot of exposure to contaminants and high temperatures. We carry white, W series hyper strong load springs which adhere to the Special Springs standard, view our catalog to learn more. Features of our hyper strong springs are:

  • Maximum force up to 6 times the extra strong springs
  • Maximum force up to 2 times the ultra strong springs
  • Hole diameters equivalent to ISO 10243 wire die springs
  • Rod diameters for inside guiding equivalent ISO 10243 wire die springs
  • All maximum working forces are achieved with one spring only
  • Multiple couplings of springs are not required
  • Easy applications as per ISO wire die springs

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