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Die Springs

Die Springs

Die springs typically operate like a higher-force version of a standard compression spring, where coiled wire stores compressed energy whenever a system applies load pressure, and the spring attempts to separate its two ends with reliable and consistent resistance force. They can effectively support even heavy loads regardless of harsh environmental conditions of excessive heat or pressure. Die springs are  most commonly used  in machinery, stamping dies,  andvarious equipment. Die springs are used in, but not limited to,  metal forming, injection molding, mining, agriculture, aerospace, HVAC, and transportation.

At Special Springs, we manufacture our die springs from high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials in geometries designed for superior performance and longevity.. Our team can follow your unique specifications to produce custom wire sections of any shape or die spring type to fit them to your application.

Types of Die Springs

To provide versatility, die springs come in varied materials, load ratings, and shapes. Die springs generally consist of materials such as:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Chrome Silicon
  • Chrome Vanadium
  • Oil quenched steel

Manufacturers categorize springs by their load capacity. Die springs are color coded to correspond to the springs resistance. These are, light-, medium-, heavy-, and extra heavy-duty duty. Die springs standard colors are Green Blue, Red and yellow/Gold

There are three industry standards for die spring wire shapes. The ISO standard specifies a rectangular wire shape. The North American standard utilizes a trapezoidal wire shape, which has the added benefits of  increased compression rates.  The third standard and least common is round wire. These are the least expensive to produce and least versatile. To best fit a spring to your application, determine the compression rate, spring diameter, and overall length.

Benefits of Using Die Springs

Benefits of using die springs include:

  • Improved fatigue strength. Die springs offer increased fatigue strength thanks to shot peening. This cold finishing process increase the surface compression stress to maximize strength. 
  • Corrosion resistance. Chromium alloys and oil-hardened steel are the most common materials used  for die springs, increasing the life and corrosion resistance. At Special Springs, we use a electrophoretic, E-Coat, plating process that provides consistent coating thickness, 100 % coverage, and extra corrosion resistance.
  • Durability in extreme environments. We design and test our die springs to work reliably under harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures or exposure to contaminants, while requiring little maintenance.

Die Spring Applications 

Die springs play a crucial role in the manufacturing and engineering industries to provide superior equipment performance. Manufacturing processes mainly use these high-force compression springs in die machinery, but they are also ideal in applications that will put high amounts of stress on a spring due to heavy shock loads, high-static conditions, extreme temperatures, and contact with corrosive contaminants. Some of the uses of die springs include:

  • Die machinery and stamping
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Punch presses
  • Fabrication processes for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Clutches and brakes in the automotive industry

Die Springs From Special Springs, LLC

Special Springs manufactures and stocks over 300,000 compression die springs and nitrogen gas springs for rapid distribution throughout North America. We employ high-tech thermal treatments for achieving high steel quality to best deliver superior precision, durability, and reliability in our compression springs. 

Our company is committed to innovation and customer service. As a global business, we at Special Springs North America sell products directly to OEM’s and a network of distributors  in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada,

Our die spring series includes  ISO rectangular wire, North American standard trapezoidal wire, round wire, and an extra heavy-duty series.  Our extensive die spring inventory enables our customers to find the exact spring for their application.  Contact us today for more information, or request a quote to begin an order.


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