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Every industry has its slogan. In real estate, it’s “location, location, location.” In manufacturing, it’s “production, production, production.”

At Special Springs, our mantra is “safety, safety, safety.” Why? Because, above all else, safety matters most.

The Importance of Safety

Downtime in a stamping plant can come from a variety of sources. It could be a material problem. It could be a scheduling problem. It could be due to worn die components. Those are all easily surmountable.

The last thing you want is to have a safety problem. First and foremost, safety issues jeopardize the health and well-being of employees. Human lives matter more than parts. Safety issues also create complications that go way beyond just having a press go down. (If you’ve ever dealt with OSHA, you know what we mean.)

That’s why Special Springs’ products include leading-edge safety features that separate us from all others in the industry. Our safety features protect people, tooling and parts. They are like an insurance policy against downtime and injuries.

Special Springs: Active Safety Innovators

At Special Springs, we walk-the-walk when it comes to safety. We truly are safety innovators. We’ve designed features to make our springs some of the safest in the industry.

As testament to our safety commitment, we created our Lifeplus Concept that includes a series of safety devices meant to increase and improve the safety and life of gas cylinders.

Our Lifeplus Concept devices include:

  • Over Stroke Active Safety (OSAS)
  • Uncontrolled Speed Active Safety (USAS)
  • Over Pressure Active Safety (OPAS)
  • Active Protection from Contaminants (SKUDO)

You’ll notice that each of these are “active” safety features. That means they automatically go into effect when the situation demands.

Here’s a quick look at each of them.

For a detailed description of Special Springs safety features, download our “Safety In Which You Can Trust” white paper.


OSAS (Over Stroke Active Safety) consists of three unique Special Springs safety solution devices that exhaust pressure in a controlled and complete mode when the spring cylinder has been overstroked.

OSAS reduces the risk of tool damage or injury due to ejection of parts under pressure. It is an active safety features in that it self-activates automatically, regardless of users intervention.

Best of all, OSAS does not increase the cost of cylinders.


USAS (Uncontrolled Speed Active Safety) consists of three unique safety solution devices that exhaust pressure in a controlled and complete mode without ejection of parts when the cylinder has been stressed by uncontrolled return of the piston rod. This is typically caused by the seizure and jam of the die plates or stamped parts that, when subjected to pressure thrust, are released in an uncontrolled manner.

USAS reduces the risk of tool damage or injury due to ejection of parts under pressure. It self-activates automatically without of user intervention. It does not increase the cost of the cylinders.


OSAS (Over Pressure Active Safety) consists of two unique safety solution devices built or mounted on the bottom of the cylinders that exhaust pressure in a controlled and complete manner when the latter exceeds maximum allowed levels. This is typically caused when stamping contaminants get into the gas room reducing its volume.

OPAS reduces the risk of tool damage or injury due to ejection of parts under pressure. It self-activates automatically regardless of user intervention. OPAS does not increase the cost of the cylinder.


SKUDO is a feature that protects the sealing and guiding components of the cylinder from liquid and solid contaminants. It eliminates situations of over pressure and significantly increases the life of cylinders that are used in severe working environments. SKUDO does not alter the height of the cylinder, nor does it wear out. SKUDO is available for all Special Springs cylinders.

* * *

Special Springs has been a safety innovator for years, thanks to our continuous research and developments and the use of the latest technologies. To learn more about our safety features, including detailed descriptions and full-color cutaway diagrams, download our exclusive “Safety In Which You Can Trust” white paper.

If you are interested in speaking with a Special Springs representative to learn more about how our nitrogen gas and die springs will help eliminate downtime and increase productivity, fill out our contact form or call us at 888-242-5418. And remember: not all nitrogen cylinders are the same.

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