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Nitrogen gas springs can discharge a large amount of energy if not used properly. Misuse due to human error can result in a catastrophic burst that can cause the rod to eject up to 1,500 feet, reaching more than 200 miles per hour. For reference, that would be the same as dropping a steel slug from the tip of the Empire State Building.

Now imagine that same loose steel slug in a factory setting with employees scrambling for safety – or unaware that spring failure has occurred. This is what a nitrogen gas spring is capable of, which is why Special Springs has committed itself to safety with a suite of innovate safety features in our nitrogen gas springs.

Special Springs has been for years an innovator in the market. Thanks to Special Springs’ know-how and R&D we have developed the new and improved Lifeplus Concept, which includes a series of safety devices meant to increase and improve safety and life of gas cylinders: OSAS, USAS, OPAS, and SKUDO.

At the base of these, as for all Special Springs products, are continuous researches and developments, the use of the latest technologies, quality and safety controls, all in full compliance with regulations and focused on guaranteeing you superior quality, durability, reliability.

Let Special Springs be your safe guard against potentially catastrophic damage and life-threatening failure at no extra cost with our combination of safety features present in all our nitrogen gas springs.

Our springs have features that release the pressure in a controlled manner whenever the pressure has exceeded the maximum value (OPAS), the cylinder has been overstroked (OSAS), or if the cylinder has been stressed by an uncontrolled return (USAS).

These critical safety features are mandated by almost all German car manufacturers, making them standard in most European countries. For this reason, it’s more important than ever to be sure your springs have the safety features required to ensure you don’t risk damage or injuries to your employees.

Engineered for Safety

If you’re unsure about the safety features in your nitrogen gas springs or if you’d like to speak about how Special Springs’s springs provide these innovate features, contact a member of our team here. You can also download our safety brochure from the link below, including detailed information about how our springs are manufactured to reduce the risk of potentially catastrophic failure.


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Safety technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, allowing Special Springs to invest and ensure integration of advanced features in all our

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